Download for free aliens On Android

Pompom rush - game for android platform offers help funny aliens whose spaceship crashed on landing back home, for which you will be in different parts of the world to find and gather the resources needed to repair damage spacecraft

Home: Boov Pop! - In this puzzle game on Android, you will find a fascinating meeting with the characters of the animated blockbuster "Home" studio DreamWorks Animation, with whom you can defy the laws of physics. Are Ready? Then download the game Home: Boov Pop! And easy and fun to blow bubbles

Prototype defense - aliens again impinge on our planet, and your task in this interesting game for the Android platform, as a talented strategist, is to organize the defense of the planet's orbit

Hungry Gows - offer you acquainted with a colorful and exciting game for android and plunge into the world of incredible adventure. Only here you waiting for exciting adventures with the aliens that have invaded and have a good appetite. Aliens want to eat it all, well, you are against such a dinner

Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter - addictive game for Android in which you find yourself in the role of an evil alien arriving on planet Earth. Admission will not be hospitable, so you have to dodge military equipment, a huge fist crushing a group of earthlings. On planet Earth, there are great resources for experiments, stealing cows and earthlings. Do not stop at nothing, and level by level to make their way.

Aliens vs Sheep - great addictive game for Android, which will try to steal all the sheep. You're not a hero, you are a real alien from Mars, who flew on his flying saucer right on planet Earth. The main purpose on the planet Earth will be sheep, gets in the way and, of course, a military facility "Area 51."