Aliens vs Sheep


Aliens vs Sheep - great addictive game for Android, which will try to steal all the sheep. You're not a hero, you are a real alien from Mars, who flew on his flying saucer right on planet Earth. The main purpose on the planet Earth will be sheep, gets in the way and, of course, a military facility "Area 51."

The game may seem deceptively simple, but it is not. Sheep will resist and defend themselves ready for the right to stay on their planet. And then go on to destroy unwanted guests planet Earth. Her dear lambs have valiant defenders, warriors. Crazy sheep - kamikaze, which has managed to catch the rocket, brave sheep - bersekov, which is able to destroy everything that comes under her hoof, incredible lamb - a ninja that has enough force to knock a flying saucer just only fortitude, as well as come to the aid of special. FBI agents in exquisite costumes, military aircraft will also come to the aid of the poor animal. Get ready for incredible resistance inhabitants of planet Earth.



Download Aliens vs Sheep apk Free 15.97 MB version 1.2

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