Death Come True

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Death Come True  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as an interactive movie with elements of mysticism. You, as the main character, wake up in a hotel room with amnesia. There is a bound woman next to you, and a police assault squad is already running up the stairs. The main task is to survive and find out the causes of the events that occurred the day before. The main characters are played by famous actors, but the course of events of the storyline is completely up to you. Every choice you make affects the ending. Sometimes a chain of decisions can drive you to a dead end or even lead to your death. Gradually weeding out such options, it is necessary to draw up an algorithm of correct actions and resolve the current situation with a minimum number of victims.

The main features of the game Death Come True :

  • interactive cinema with elements of mysticism
  • survive and find out the causes of events
  • the course of events is entirely up to you
  • draw up an algorithm of correct actions
  • minimum number of casualties


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