Download for free interactive cinema On Android

Death Come True  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as an interactive movie with elements of mysticism. You, as the main character, wake up in a hotel room with amnesia. There is a bound woman next to you, and a police assault squad is already running up the stairs. The main task is to survive and find out the causes of the events that occurred the day before.

Batman - The Telltale Series - a game for the android platform for those who love interactive cinema right in the game. It is a story about the famous Bruce Wayne, a saga about the exciting adventures of everyone's beloved superhero. You need to defeat the enemies and save Gotham. The game is one of the best exciting detective stories.

The wolf among us is an interesting platform game for android, the main characters of which are famous and not so much characters of fairy tales, legends and myths. According to the plot of the game, fairy-tale characters who can acquire a human face with the help of magic, settled in our world, fleeing from the usurper. And the main character Bigby Woolf, Sheriff Fabletown