LEGO Jurassic world


LEGO Jurassic world - game for android platform, in which you can feel the prehistoric inhabitants of our planet, because they are transported on a lost island in the ocean, where the encounter with the dinosaurs, who live there. From some dinosaurs, such as the gigantic Tyrannosaurus, you will have to flee, some, such as Velociraptor, outwit, and some will be very friendly with them, you can even play. The game is based on 4 plots of popular movies. You have to perform a study of DNA, to bring a new breed of dinosaurs and other missions and tasks. Explore the mysterious island of dinosaurs.

The main properties of LEGO Jurassic world of the game:

- Fun gameplay

- Four Adventures

- Interesting tasks to perform

- 16 species of dinosaurs

- Great sound



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