Pixel Fighter 3D


Pixel Fighter 3D - game - fighting game for the Android platform, decorated in the style of Minecraft, the developer Stimulating Software, which has extensive experience in creating games for android. Turnovers popularity of the game Pixel Fighter 3D at the beginning of half a million downloads, and that very much!

Characters Pixel Fighter 3D games are very similar to the legendary heroes of Minecraft, almost like twins. It is possible to customize your hero as you wish. Since the game is set up in the fighting game genre full, then it challenging fights, requires good preparation and good reaction. Each character can learn three styles of combat and use a lot of combinations to destroy enemies and boss fights are particularly complex and cruelty.

Key features of the game Pixel Fighter 3D:

- Gameplay supports four levels of difficulty

- A lot of different locations

- The presence of the infinite mode

- Convenient operation

- A large number of combinations for the destruction of the enemy

- The ability to personalize and complete editing appearance

- The ability to export, import and use in Minecraft

- A large number of mini-games

- The opportunity to fight with nine bosses

- A large number of achievements

- Statistics results in the leaderboard

- For the game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Pixel Fighter 3D:

- Availability of Donat Order the developer to create a unique "skins" for your hero

- The presence of commercials

- Graphics, very similar to the classic graphics Minecraft

Summary: hilarious fighting game, the game that leaves a very good impression, and if you do not mind the schedule of classic Minecraft, download and enjoy.


Download Pixel Fighter 3D apk Free 43.33 MB version 1.1

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