Red Baron: War of Planes


Red Baron: War of Planes - this game in the style of a certain action can be called a breakthrough in the market of computer games for android platform. Full flight simulator - it is difficult, and not everyone will be able to enjoy this game, so the game is made in the style of action, so that everyone could fly

During the First World War, one of the best German pilots nicknamed the Red Baron shot down at the time a huge number of enemy aircraft - more than eighty, for which he received recognition. When he began to paint their planes red, it became known as the Red Baron. In the game, there is no confirmation of this fact or something else used the developers, there are two models of aircraft Albatros and Fokker Dr.I, once belonging to the famous German pilot. Apart from these two, there are three models of aircraft of the period that the First World War a lot. Model airplanes in the game made very precisely with great attention to detail.

The game has a short course where you have to show your ability to control the aircraft. A task that stands before you in this game is to battle with the enemy aircrafts Apart. This except aircraft also airships and balloons. Control of the game is simple, so it is not difficult to learn, though, and aim to hit a flying target is not easy.

The main properties of the game Red Baron: War of Planes

· The game supports two modes

· Beautiful design with excellent graphics and detail thought out model airplanes

· Full version of the game contains 20 missions to complete

· At your disposal 5 aircraft and the same options Weather

Yay! Playing without Donata!

· For download no need to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Red Baron: War of Planes

· $ 1.5 worth version without ads (optional)

· Slightly imperfect visibility

· Missing some variety in gameplay

Summary: excellent game for those who love and seek in the sky, and a monotony of the gameplay is typical for most simulators.


Download Red Baron: War of Planes apk Free 45.51 MB version 1.5

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