Plasticine square free


Plasticine square free - application for the Android platform, containing live wallpapers, whose name translates as "Plasticine area." Wallpaper created from clay on the topic of Christmas and New Year. Immediately it should be noted that there are two versions of this app - free and paid.

The free version of residents of the city in a hurry for Christmas gifts, and race cars on the roads with fluffy green beauties. Around the fresh fluffy snow sparkles, glitters beautiful forest fires and hides the gifts to a cheerful ice rink lovers ride with flushed cheeks from the cold, my friends, playing snowballs, and, of course, snowman, lost in thought New Year.

On Christmas Eve the snow when the lights in the windows of the light on the Christmas tree lit funny garlands in the sky all the colors of Shimmering Christmas fireworks.

The paid version supports changing the time of day in real time, good night mode with the moon and stars, fireworks and garlands (five programs) on the tree, setting weather - snow, winds and clouds.


Download Plasticine square free apk Free 7.06 MB version 15.02.25

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