Snakes Voice live wallpaper


Snakes Voice live wallpaper - free application for the Android platform. Last updated version, which eliminates the problem of previous implementations. All the elements are in perfect HD graphics with realistic animations. Images applications are characterized by high quality and design selection.

The settings menu is activated by double tapping the screen. This feature can be disabled. In the settings menu you can choose to change the image. It is possible to implement scrolling across the desktop in portrait orientation of the screen.

When a finger touches the screen change additional animation path. Their number is set to screen settings. If you put "0" in the number of settings, the animation will not. It is also possible to install additional or disable the screen saver. The audio unit is connected, if you touch the center of the screen, and the sound intensity or disable selected in the settings.

The basic properties of the application Snakes Voice live wallpaper:

- Easy and harmonious graphic

- The principle of interactivity additional animations

- Support horizontal format

- It has been tested on all major models of mobile devices

To install Snakes Voice live wallpaper, follow these steps:

1) Download the interactive wallpaper "Voice of snakes live wallpaper"

2) to activate the wallpaper, or via an icon in the main menu

Download Snakes Voice live wallpaper apk Free 3.36 MB version 1.0

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