Ryujin Live Wallpaper


Ryujin Live Wallpaper - a free application for the Android platform that contains animated 3D wallpaper for your mobile device, which shows a dragon, but not simple, and the dragon of the sea.

Ryūjin - god in Japanese mythology, the dragon god of the sea - a Japanese god of the water element and the supreme power. It is considered a good god and protector of Japan. That's because the Japanese live by the sea and sea for several centuries.

Japanese myths and legends attributed ryūjin power over sea dragons and other aquatic wildlife. People believed that he possesses untold wealth and the richest creature in the world. He lives in a luxurious ryūjin crystal palace at the bottom of the sea. Sometimes, when it finds a particular mood, he takes human form and visits the world of men.

About ryūjin many legends. One of them said that, like most dragons have ryūjin had a big mouth, and unlike other dragons, he could become a man. From his palace on the seabed it using precious pearls led tides, and sea turtles, fish and jellyfish were in his service. Parents of the first emperor of Japan had a beautiful daughter and a sea dragon ryūjin Hunter Prince.

Another legend says that the sea dragon helped defeat the Japanese Empress Korean soldiers. Ryūjin threw a pearl in the sea tide, the water level fell, and Korean soldiers tried to cross the sea, then threw the pearl dragon tide, the water level rose, and the soldiers were drowned.

The basic properties of the application Ryujin Live Wallpaper:

- Amazing 3D live wallpaper

- Contains interactive features - when you touch the screen, new dragons

- Support horizontal and vertical screen position

- An attractive background

To install an application, do the following:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper Wallpaper

Download Ryujin Live Wallpaper apk Free 4.77 MB version 5.0

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