Amsterdam Wallpaper


Amsterdam Wallpaper - very creative and unusual live wallpaper for Android, with a view of the beautiful city, made ​​of paper, of Amsterdam, with its lights, buildings, cars, people, water channel. Live wallpapers are made so realistic that it seems that you are just in it. Its amazing flickering street lights and the sky that changes throughout the day. Very beautiful starry sky at night.

The main features of Amsterdam Wallpaper:

- Machines that when you honk and go faster

- When you touch the screen beat box, the lights go out, ringing bicycles

- The red light district (in the version PRO)

- During the day the application is changing the settings, you can establish a permanent day or night, as well as speed time (in version PRO)

- Windows and lights are extinguished in the settings you can set the number of windows (in the version PRO)

- The starry sky, you can adjust the number of stars (version PRO)

- The number of vehicles and their speed can be set up (in the version PRO)

The application supports both vertical and horizontal modes.

Free version of the live wallpaper works as well as a version of PRO within 3 hours of the installation, and then be able to change the settings only in the version PRO.



Download Amsterdam Wallpaper apk Free 2.47 MB version 1.5

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