Peacekeeper - game for android platform, realized in the genre of arcade games, which was based on the genre of TD (Tower Defense). The game is characterized by increased severity, there are many remains of the enemy.

Gameplay is simple and banal. The left side of the screen there is a trench, which will take your hero and with whom he would shoot anyone who appears on the left side of the playing field and try to get closer. Your character plays the role of peacemaker, although it is more appropriate role of a butcher. Maybe this hidden irony? Between levels, opponents, ie your "butcher" is quite abstract conversations on topics of war with their enemies, and then proceeds to shoot them by the hundreds. By the way, the enemy does not show resourcefulness and did not even try to grab your trench, and will attack you in close combat, if come close.

The battle with the enemy is not horizontal dynamic skirmish battle, during which you will be able to move the character in the trench up and down, he can bend down and shoot in any direction. To destroy the enemy, it is enough just to press, but neither enemies nor your hero does not die from the first hit. Is the scale of lives.

With the help of the super-hit, which accumulates and is a bonus, it can be a large area at once to destroy a lot of enemies.

The main properties of Peacekeeper game:

- Many, many corpses

- Simultaneous attack different enemy units

- Battle with powerful bosses

- Nice design in a nice graph

- Wide bonus system

Negative properties Peacekeeper game:

- The presence of Donati

- The lack of diversity

- The lack of dynamics

- Game dialogue is only available in English

Summary: the opportunity to try, how to be in the role of a butcher-peacemaker, that in itself can not be combined.


Download Peacekeeper apk Free 44.63 MB version 1.08

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