Tropical Wars


Tropical Wars - online game for android, realized in the genre of platform strategy, not just a strategy, and piracy, because the game about pirates and all that is connected with it. Every month about pirates game becomes, and most likely, the game Tropical Wars will find its grateful user.

You will have an island that you can build up and where to place the base. This base is responsible for the production of some of the resources that gives you the ability to contain the fleet that need pirates to carry out the main task, namely, conducting the fight for the title of the best pirate.

Online mode allows you to enter into battle with other players to capture their ships and seize their resources. Winning the battle depends entirely on you, because you yourself choose the tactics of warfare, and control your fleet during the battle. The game supports the campaign mode, where you can explore the seas and oceans, for those who do not like to play against a real opponent. To fight, you can, using both guns and magic. To become stronger you have the opportunity to create your own clan or join another.

The main properties of the game Tropical Wars:

- A real pirate island

- The opportunity to develop your base

- The opportunity to form their fleet and monitor during the battle

- An opportunity to improve its fleet

- Support for online regime and the company

- A lot of different combat tactics to choose from

Negative characteristics of the game Tropical Wars:

- The presence of Donati, without which you can do

- English language game, which can cause difficulties

Summary: great strategy about pirates, a worthy opponent other games on this topic.


Download Tropical Wars apk Free 39.08 MB version 1.08.094

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