Redsun RTS 2D


Redsun RTS 2D - game for android platform is made ​​in the genre of classical RTS developer Westwood. In this strategy game in real time, you will build up your base, build and manage your army, plan attacks and to strengthen the defense. You will manage a variety of units, each of which performs its operational requirements, and is characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages.

The game provides an opportunity to build a base and other technological facilities anywhere on the map using the classic MCV. Since the game has recently entered the market, developers continue to develop. While you can only play for the Patriots Alliance, but soon there will be fanatics of the Red Hammer and others. Mining operations, including crystals, one of the main tasks. The crystals are mined harvesters. To attack and defense have a wide arsenal of weapons in which there superweapon.

Key features of the game Redsun RTS 2D:

- Classical management, expanded some new features

- The opportunity to play with the mouse, which need support device OTG cable or Bluetooth

- 2D isometric graphics

- Choice of units from one to several

- The ability to use the zoom on the screen with HD and FHD, if the small picture

- Double-click to build bases and other facilities

- Superweapon as a nuclear explosion

- Improve the system of arms

- System of achievements and awards

- Multiplayer 1 × 1 (the last two cards)

- No in-game purchases

- The ability to create an unlimited number of units (the number is limited by the resources of the device)

- The need for access to the Internet to update the maps and other content.


Download Redsun RTS 2D apk Free 14.91 MB version 1.0.384

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