Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights


Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights - game for the Android platform in the genre asynchronous PvP-strategy that offers you to establish your city, create a powerful army, to develop a strategy to attack the bases of the other players and the defense of its own. The game will introduce you to the rich game world where orcs against the Knights.

The game provides clues that can be used to achieve complete domination. The team may be formed of different characters that have special properties, the team can choose between battles.

Heroes of War: Knights vs. Orcs - a strategy for mobile devices with a rich game world, with a smooth and incredibly detailed 3D-graphics. Advanced players can choose their team in many heroes with special abilities and plan a successful tactic operations picking.

Key features of the game Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights:

• a three-dimensional world in real time

• the ability to apply its strategy for victory and to command his troops

• the opportunity to fight against other players and guilds

• the ability to communicate simultaneously in any language

• An extensive bonus system

• optimized for tablets and smartphones

• for the game do not pay

To play you need to download data when you first install and connect to the network


Download Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights apk Free 32.76 MB version 1.1.9

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