Mini Warriors


Mini Warriors - game for android platform, positioned as a strategy, is made ​​in the genre Wargame, which is not very common in the strategy. The main distinctive feature of this genre, and games Mini Warriors including an absence of the need to build a base, collect resources and address issues of economic development. There is only war with the fighting and battles.

Framed game with 2D technology, but a bit unusual, because it looks as if the troops are placed in the palm of the commander. Incidentally, the role of commander belongs to you. Graphics used several cartoon and not so sad and gloomy, as it is in war games. Multiplayer mode, which is supported by the game, significantly expands its capabilities, allowing you to fight with real players.

The game gives you the opportunity to prove himself as a talented military tactician, because before the battle, you need to put the troops, to choose the right pump and actors, and the battles take place in real time. Create and try to battle their tactics, win the enemy.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Mini Warriors:

· Single player campaign takes place on four hundred levels

· Characteristic of this genre beautiful graphics and quite distinct

· More than two hundred commanders to lead your squad of fighters

· More than a hundred different types of equipment for the conduct of hostilities

· Eight types of troops, who have their own advantages and disadvantages

· More than three hundred achievements

Negative characteristics of the game Mini Warriors:

· Availability of surround Donata

Summary: The number of subscribers has already exceeded one million, which indicates that the game is exciting and is gaining momentum.


Download Mini Warriors apk Free 42.7 MB version 1.7.4

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