Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE


Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE - war sheep, fierce battles, involving and armored vehicles and rocket launchers, capable of completely dispel the image of a harmless lamb. The game is made in the strategy genre. Please note that this is the debut project, which slightly damp, and simple-minded, and presents the user with little choice but despite this, catchy, let's look at it.

Playground - a large meadow with lush green grass that looks like a pasture for sheep grazing peacefully, and suddenly these sheep seized weapons and rushed at each other. The developers have provided you with all four types of troops sheep - sheep in a tank with a grenade launcher sheep, sheep and sheep in the buggy - spotter aircraft. There are maps in different corners who posted you and your opponent. When the game starts, you get 10 seconds to make a move one type of troops. Hurry up, because 10 seconds - the time and assumes the move, and attack.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE:

• This is not a platformer

• 2D overhead view, which provides a measure of convenience especially for hereditary strategists

• virtually your every move is accompanied by humorous comments

• Support online can fight with other players

• game does not contain Donata

• game free

Negative characteristics of the game Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE:

• the presence of small bugs that annoy some

• lack of choice in the battle, since there is only one card

• lack of diversity of conditions contractions, as will have to play against the computer, but it can become uninteresting

Summary: provided that developers continue to work on its development, the game Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE has all chances to become popular in the future.


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