Roads of Rome 2


Roads of Rome 2 - the second part of the game "All roads lead to Rome" for the Android platform is a challenging strategy game built on an interesting plot and uses beautiful graphics.

What is the essence of the story? Would not it be a blessing in disguise. Ruler of Rome is seriously ill, and he can help only a miracle cure, which is the gods who live in the mountains. You have to get to the gods and ask them about the drug, and for this you need to pave the road in different places on the way to your goal. You are waiting for the dangers and difficulties that need to be overcome.

Good games often look like its gameplay, but the game Roads of Rome 2 refers to the good games. Let's discuss some of the details. At your disposal are two main resource - wood, construction material, and food, which is necessary to maintain in the form of workers employed in the construction of roads. You will have to contribute to an increase in the number of workers, because from the very beginning in the works will involve only one working. With the development and increasing job you will be able to build buildings and shops, thus solving the problem of resources. Will become available to other resources such as stone, for example, from which roads will be stronger and more durable. We should not forget that the maintenance of roads leads to the need to repair them. You do not have to fight with the barbarians, whom you meet on the way to the gods, you will have to pay off their gold. Gameplay is built so exciting and interesting that constantly is something new that will not let you get bored.

The main properties of the game Roads of Rome 2:

· Fun gameplay

· 41 level and the same exceptional locations

· A huge amount of fun activities

· Participation in the life of a great empire, and the battle with the gods

· For downloading do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Roads of Rome 2:

· Availability Donato in accordance with the Privacy Policy Freemium

· Full version paid, it costs two dollars

Summary: In a nutshell, the game is great, sometimes surpassing the previous part.


Download Roads of Rome 2 apk Free 3.79 MB version 1.0

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