Monster Defender


Monster Defender - game for android platform, made ​​in the genre of defensive strategy, which can be called a precursor of the genre of Tower Defense, at least because everything here is very simple. The game is based is rather mundane idea defend the castle from attacking monsters.

As such, there is no plot in the game, but the essence of it boils down to is that the Earth was plunged into darkness, and your castle - one of the few that have survived to survive, maybe even the whole of humanity. Complete the game before the end can not be, because it is infinite. Do you have any opportunity to improve your score, or the result of other members of the gameplay from the Internet.

Gameplay is very simple, is not burdened with a wide range of monsters or more methods of defense, although the defense has a moat.

The game executed in the technology 2D, giving some bulk. The walls of your castle, you want to defend, are on the left and on the right side you will hang around a lot of monsters.

The main properties of the game Monster Defender:

· Possibility of pumping defensive weapons, which in game three types

· 5 locks that must be protected, and the same kinds of magic

· The opportunity and the need to update and ditch defense including

· Terrible bosses

· Several kinds of monsters

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Monster Defender:

· There Donat, without which it is impossible to improve their results

· Quickly becomes boring monotony and repetition

Summary: simplicity, uniformity and rapid satiety - it costs a genre in which the game was created.


Download Monster Defender apk Free 22.17 MB version 1.2

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