Terran Defence


Terran Defence - game in the genre TD (Tower Defense) for the platform Android. As you know, in the market a lot of games in this genre, and many of them have to fight with aliens. On this side, nothing new is not very well-known developer of EMOBI GAMES does not offer, and how he designed the game? Let's see.

As for the gameplay, it offers far limitless tactical possibilities. The game offers a total of four types of towers that can be installed in certain places, which, moreover, are not located in the best way. This situation, of course, on the one hand complicates the process of defense, and on the other - limits the ability to develop its own strategy and tactics. However, for each tower includes twenty variants improvements. The presence of the main character more variety of gameplay, because you can control it and its pump. Your enemies are moving on a winding road, along which you are installing the tower - this is the basic idea of ​​the game.

To schedule no complaints - a beautiful and high quality.

The main properties of the game Terran Defence:

· The completion of the campaign takes more than 20 hours of gameplay

· Large number of levels

· 30 upgrades and updates for 20 towers

· About 50 enemies and the same achievements

· Cool boss fights

· Your characters can participate in battles, develop their

Supports multiplayer mode on an infinite level

· For downloading does not have to pay for the game can not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Terran Defence:

· In order to play, it is necessary to create an account, which is somewhat surprising

· There Donat. The game presents a challenge if you want to do without it

Summary: The presence of Donati and mandatory registration - not the most appropriate means of promotion for the little-known developer, and as for the game, we must admit that it is pretty good.

Download Terran Defence apk Free 49.17 MB version 1.0

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