Clash of Kings


Clash of Kings - after the great success (100 million downloads!) Game Clash of Clans, which is held in the tops of the second year, there was a lot of games in this genre for android. Among them Clash of Lords, Castle Clash, Clash of Mafias and many others. They are all alike, not only the name but also the idea and gameplay. Let's see what stands Clash of Kings.

Firstly, the game has already won a certain popularity - average rating of 4.3 with more than 10 million downloads. Secondly, the game Clash of Kings combines several main directions that may interest a large number of users. This construction of the city and its surroundings, the organization of defense of the towers, military action, not only defensive but also offensive, the choice of strategy and tactics for planning, resource extraction and technological research. The main feature of the game, thanks to which it has gained popularity, - is to support online mode where you can fight with players from around the world.

The essence of the game is quite banal. The action takes place in real time, and the goal is to turn the village into a powerful empire, which you need to build and fight to defend and win new lands, resources, and a good life, and develop their kingdom. The idea is not new.

Negative characteristics of the game Clash of Kings:

• the game is free, but there Donat, without which such projects can not do. Of course, Donat should be attributed to the negative properties of the game, not because he is, but because it violates the balance of probabilities the players;

• Frequent updates to that on the one hand and good, but on the other - creates for many players some problems during the current quests;

• lack of personal contact with the players, because there is a problem with the translation into Russian. This is only possible for a clan chat, and possible diplomatic cooperation alliances.

Summary: The game is well established in the market of computer games and won a large audience of fans, maybe you'll come to their number!


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