Sentinel 4: Dark Star

Game Strategies tower defense defense


Sentinel 4: Dark Star is a good game for Android. The cost of the new version of the game compared to the previous increased by 14% (there was a $ 3.5 became $ 4). Received if this price increase reflected in the properties and quality of the new version? According to the developers (and otherwise!) Is one of the best TD games for android. It should be recognized that the previous version has been quite successful, as evidenced by its 4.2 rating and almost 500 thousand downloads - good performance for a paid game.

The storyline military events unfolding around the Dark Star, and an introductory video invites you to understand its mysteries. Do you have a military base, which you must defend against attacks locals. In the world of Dark Star you will come across new technologies, landscapes and enemy.

As for the gameplay, it should be noted that the next version of the game is made in full accordance with the selected genre, ie You build defensive towers to repel enemy attacks. As a bonus get drones, which can be placed in the way of enemies, creating an additional obstacle.

Concerning the design should be noted that the novelty with respect to previous versions, it is no different. Graphics quality, but without the bells and whistles.

Key Features and advantages of the game Sentinel 4: Dark Star

· 26 large maps, which correspond to the game mode

· Landscapes differ fundamentalism

· Large number of enemies that have certain characteristics

· Many opportunities to upgrade towers

· On Google Play the Registry achievements and leaderboards

Disadvantages Game Sentinel 4: Dark Star

· For the game you have to pay $ 4

· Additional features can be purchased for the Donut

· Graphics and good quality, but not cool

· To start the game need a big Internet traffic

Summary: The objective without unnecessary quibbles good game, but there is a drawback, which significantly reduces its advantages, namely, its payment for and even the presence of Donato. If you belong to the unconditional lovers of the series of games Sentinel, of course, play, otherwise - looking for a free analogue, and it can be just as good.


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