Townsmen - a great game for Android. Soon the popularity of this game will exceed all expectations, today the number of downloads has exceeded five million. Previous version under the number six was not so popular, so the serial number in the title of this version has not been assigned, and just all started from the beginning and made it very successful.

The essence of the game is that in the process of development of your small settlement grew into the medieval conglomeration with locks and other relevant attributes of the era. You need to raise the standard of living in the countryside and, in addition, to resist the invasion of the plague, because of which many people are killed. In order to create a quality society, you and the other residents of your village have to overcome many obstacles and trials.

Take care about the economic development of your community, getting the necessary resources, growing on the farm that can be eaten. The further you advance, the more bonuses get, and will help you in promoting successful quests.

Advantages of the game Townsmen:

· An incredible style strategy for mobile phones and tablets

· The possibility of creating a difficult economic model

· Can feel like an ordinary villager

· A lot of cities and buildings

· Disposable era of the Middle Ages

· A large number of game scenarios

· Attractive task

· No need to pay

Disadvantages game Townsmen:

· Donat can be regarded as a drawback

· Abounds advertising

Summary: if the dynamic is not your priority when choosing a game, the game, in fact very good game for strategic decision-making. Without a doubt, you will have something to do here. Warning: a large number of advertising requires high-resolution screen.


Download Townsmen apk Free 23.03 MB version 1.0.2

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