The War Heroes 1943-3D


The War Heroes 1943-3D - good shooter on Android. In general we can say with confidence that we are dealing with a classical air shooter, in which, as the name implies, there are elements of 3D. I say elements because the game is not fully implemented in this technique. Looks good in 3D, when the aircraft is maneuvering, otherwise there is a great chart. The market of computer games have a lot of games in this classic genre, where you have to fly along the path to collect coins and options, as well as to fend off an enemy who enters the field of view.

As for the story line, it is already clear from the name that you will fly on airplanes during World War II, ie In 1943. The enemy - mostly from the same period of time, but some - imagination of developers, although the game is not intended to correspond to the historical events. You will not be amazed by the novelty, because the game is similar to his fellow genre. It should be noted that there is ease of play, without much activism, which is accompanied by a very nice picture.

Advantages world product The War Heroes 1943-3D:

· Attractive graphics with detailed prescription pictures

· Elements of 3D technology

· Good animation

· Easy operation

· Cool music

· A variety of locations

· Opportunities bonus system

· On the results, you can inform your friends

· For the game does not have to pay

Disadvantages of the game product The War Heroes 1943-3D:

· One of a very large number of similar games

· Lack of novelty

· Annoying ads

· Calm gameplay can get bored

Summary: normal game, one of the very large number of its genre, some of which are better, there are worse. In the game there is no novelty, "highlight", which would distinguish it from the crowd.


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