Rise of Bugs

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Rise of Bugs - game on Android, accomplished in the genre TD. Such games on the market of computer entertainment for Android and other platforms vast. The plot is in tune with the plot of the film Starship Troopers. In the film, the soldiers landed on one of the planets of our universe that did not like the natives, with which were beetles and other zhukopodobnye, so there were fierce battles with hordes of insects paratroopers. The game's plot is similar, but repel the attacks of insects inhabiting the planet, you need using the cannon, which, incidentally, can be upgraded for the bonuses that you get for killing lice.

Having a great similarity with the film and other products made in this genre, the game has a significant difference - the payment for! The cost is low - $ 1, but still, in this game, which does not exist in other games for free! Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages, and concluded that for the same pay.

Advantages of the game Rise of Bugs:

· The graphics are not great, but good

· 20 species of insects

· 4 designs towers for defense

· The possibility of improvement

· Successful registration, each of several scenarios is decorated in its own way

· Uniform animation

· Creators promise a lot of improvement

Disadvantages of the game Rise of Bugs:

· Game fee, cost $ 1

· Not interesting, because you almost do not participate in the shooting: a finger across the screen, and the gun itself shoots.

Summary: I do not see reasons why the game is paid. The game is quite good, but does not have the distinctive features that would give it a competitive advantage. As soon as it appears in the originality, which is not a pity to spend money, why not


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