Epic Defense - Origins


Epic Defense - Origins - addictive and exciting game for Android, with incredible battles battles. Great Cat Studio HK developers decided not to leave the project Epic Defense, the popularity of which is known to all. Here you will find accustomed to confrontation, magic towers, and of course, incredible gameplay. The proposed variant already has improved graphics, stunning visuals that only ukarsilo and improved game. We must remember that for all the good, improved levels, the number of enemies you have to pay.

It is very important that everything is very balanced, namely: You'll fly tower with increasing growth of casualties among the enemy, and the usual tower did not benefit, but they need to staff precious stones symbolizing the three elements.

There are three colors: red, symbolizing fire, symbolizing the blue ice and gold symbolizing thunder. Each tower requires 3 stone, so that it becomes the invincible weapon. You can combine the stones as you want it, there are about a dozen combinations, each good in its own way. Get these treasured stones possibly killing enemies. There is a possibility of improvements towers.

Turning to the chart, you can say with certainty that she is gorgeous. It is colorful, beautiful, and most importantly there is nothing superfluous.

Epic Defense - Origins has features:

- A good number of levels, of which there are about six dozen, in turn, divided by the dozen regions and four long script.

- Pleasing variety of enemies and towers

- An incredible number of combinations of towers

In general, the game is quite addictive.

Have a nice pastime.


Download Epic Defense - Origins apk Free 28.86 MB version 1.0.3

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