Spartan Wars for Tango


Spartan Wars for Tango - a terrific strategy for Android, which will brighten up your leisure. Include your strategy, its splendor and use the power of heroes that can help you survive in the battle for world domination. All you tired of waiting, and only forward for victory.

The game's plot is not inferior to the full-length tape. In the 5th century BC Spartans colonized world, but the world did not come. From birth we were brought up with the struggle for justice, for the honor and glory, and only if we can get it. Spartans begin their journey. You can build your castle in the heart of the empire, build barracks, create an army, build and fill the Academy all the spirit of victory. Do not hesitate and join thousands of players, open alliances and engage in war with a powerful enemy worldwide.

Ask the power of the Gods. Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Hades - they are waiting for you, waiting to assist you in enchanting battles.

Build your city, taking the difficult management of town driving and guiding them as you see fit. Try to increase the population of the city and the power of your army. Fearlessly fight the enemies, capturing their glory by beating them on the map, using the right strategy.

You can unite and fight with your friends, and remember to be careful and do not underestimate your enemy.
Unite to achieve your goals.

Spartan Wars for Tango has features:
1. Battle with thousands of players from all over the planet
2. Nurture their soldiers that clearly will carry out your orders
3. Devise its strategy, activating over 100 different skills Gods.
4. Looking for enemies and defeat them on the vast map
5.'ll Investigate caves where treasures are hidden and unseen beings.

It is important to note that all information is automatically saved games through the Internet connection, so pay your attention, whether you are connected to the Internet. The game can support Android 2.2 and above. And your power and strength heroes will win the battle for world domination. World waited a hero like you.

Enjoy and become invincible and indestructible empire.


Download Spartan Wars for Tango apk Free 41.9 MB version 1.1.7

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