Allies in War


Allies in War - Meet an incredible game for Android, which will blow your leisure at one point. Your main task - to take command unwavering and invincible army and destroy your enemies in all Allies in War. Allies in War is the most amazing game - real time strategy game. Build up your base, strengthening defense, destroying enemy base. Try to make them tremble before the power of your army. Do not forget about your friends who need your help in the battle with the bosses in the incredible battles.

There is a wonderful bonus program, you can get bonus items participating in the single cooperative missions and massive battles, and not leave any chance to the enemy. Do you have a tremendous opportunity to create with friends and other players associations, you can participate in weekly tournaments, receiving the award. If you're lucky and you will be able to successfully carry out his army, to organize the defense and create a trap, you'll deservedly rewarded with medals. You can select resources from enemies and can become invincible leader on the battlefield.

Allies in War has possibilities:

1. important detail - free military MMO real-time strategy
2. Realize Dream leader unshaken army, creating its own database and fearless army
3. collect and spend resources training
4. collect prey of your enemies and attack the opponents
5. protect themselves from enemies
6. can use armored vehicles to deploy troops
7. dispose of traps by using engineers
8. create collaborative alliances
9. Union leadership will realize and create their system ranks
10. take part in large-scale battles with Union
11. do not miss any bonus items
12. use items - bonuses in order to improve bunker Staff
13. help your getting the opportunity to build a special building



Download Allies in War apk Free 4.73 MB version 1.1.1

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