4x4 SUVs Russian Off-Road 2


4 × 4 SUVs Russian Off-Road 2 - simulation game for the Android platform offers real thrill ride on the road. Where's the coolest off-road? Of course, in Russia. And cars to overcome the difficult trails - also in Russia. On them you'll climb mountains, ford the river to overcome the flow to pass over large boulders and swampy mud puddles, to squeeze through a narrow rickety bridge where you can get stuck.

Really feel the charm of riding a Russian "off-road" on the Russian road allows excellent physics and graphics in 3D technology.

You have to explore the wide expanses of the world, which will be at your disposal maps, find interesting places. You have the opportunity to improve your car or buy a new one.

Game 4 × 4 SUVs Russian Off-Road 2 provides you with:

• Ten Russian "off-road", such as: UAZ 469 UAZ 462 UAZ 3905 UAZ Patriot, LUAZ, Niva Chevrolet Niva, Gazel, GAZ 69 and TIGER

• Two large open maps


Download 4x4 SUVs Russian Off-Road 2 apk Free 20.55 MB version 1.02

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