Snowboard Party

Game Simulations sports snowboarding


Snowboard Party - Android game for skiing. How do you prefer to ride the mountains? In the company of friends? Or alone? The game will satisfy your every desire. If you like to ride one of the game modes are provided to help you improve your ability to exercise or learn if you are a beginner. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn new tracks, change snowboards, as well as get acquainted with new characters and gain points. If you are a lover of collective skating, the game provides you an opportunity to gather like-minded and down the slopes in the multiplayer mode.

Driving on mountain slopes feasible under certain conditions, such as suitable weather, equipment and, of course, the availability of money, because it is not cheap and not everyone can afford. That game is not for everyone, because you have to pay for it a little - less than two dollars, but not everyone is willing to shell out the money for the game.

Due to the physics and graphics of high-level game can be called a simulator, although positioned as an arcade. The gameplay is so good that causes only positive feedback - a large number of tricks that you can play, ride as you want and how much you want! On different routes you, in addition to skating, will receive tasks to perform, they will help to better learn snowboarding, as a process, and get extra points.

Comfortable operation via virtual joystick that does not restrict your movements. In social networks, you can share with your friends for their achievements and results.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Snowboard Party:

· Very modern super graphics

· Amazingly seasoned physics

· Possibility of collective skating online

· Adjustable and very comfortable control

· Many different routes

· More than fifty of tricks that can be combined

· The ability to change gear and equipment

· A wide range of soundtracks

· Possibility risonutsya in social networks

· The game supports 10 languages

Negative characteristics of the game Snowboard Party:

· In addition, the game is paid, there Donat

Summary: recommend that you download the game, first of all, for those who like virtual skating on the board, and secondly, those who respect sim games, and third, those who have the necessary amount of two dollars.


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