Cursed coins


Cursed coins - game for android platform, you will become an adventurer, leading a group of thieves of tombs of the old cemetery, which involved his not quite decent work in the search for the cursed gold. Since the need to carry coins from the cemetery, then you will have to fight the hordes of the undead, ie skeletons, zombies and other monsters. Of course, the king of skeletons and other bosses are very unhappy with the theft of gold. However, your character has certain abilities that need to be creatively used. You have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, to improve your characters. For the victory you will find a reward.

The main properties of the game Cursed coins:

- Registration in retro style

- Four exceptional protagonists

- Battle with five terrifying bosses

- The possibility of a variety of improvements

Download Cursed coins apk Free 34.38 MB version 1.6.3

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