The Escapee


The Escapee - game for android platform, created by developer Invictus Games Ltd. in the genre of adventure quest. We must admit that the game is quite original, made in pixel art.

What does the story line? The protagonist abducted by aliens, have stolen not to obtain information and, and, of course, not for ransom, but just for fun. After playing enough, the aliens have thrown it on another planet. However, like any other, it's kidnapping also shrouded in mystery. So your hero, solving mysteries, trying to return home.

Gameplay provided puzzles, traps, shoot-outs, as well as a fascinating journey through many locations, although the atmosphere is dark and scary. You will have a lot of options and opportunities lost.

Making the game is very original, the original so that it can not all be to the taste, because it is made in pixel some cinematic graphics, but the animation and the mechanics of the game at the highest level.

The main properties of the game The Escapee:

- An interesting story at the heart of gameplay

- Gameplay on seven long levels

- Extraordinary design in hand-drawn graphics

- Great animation

- Of course, adapted to the platform management

- Great sound and music

- A large number of characters - monsters and robots

- Hint system

- Lack of Donati

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game The Escapee:

- Original graphics not to everyone's taste

Summary: a great game, in which there is everything to her so characterized, but the originality of the graphics may even scare off some users, such as graphics, as they say, "an amateur".

Download The Escapee apk Free 89.2 MB version 1.2

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