Ground Operation


Ground Operation - a decent game for Android from the developer FoxForce Games platform, made ​​in the complex genre of action, even though this is their first project for this platform. Consider the game project in more detail.

According to the storyline of the game events occur in a war zone in which there is, of course, the enemy, as well as various containers, fences and trees. You provided a good selection of cars, and you have to manage agile and equipped with modern weapons combat vehicles.

The game supports two game modes - Campaign and the arena. The game has a training course, after which you can use scene mode, which provides team battles in two formats: one - capture the flag, the second - the control point. Mode offers play with bots on your team and the opponent team. Campaign mode - is the fulfillment of interconnected missions to destroy enemies and powerful bosses using various weapons and various military vehicles.

Updates are working on the developers are constantly expanding fleet, expected a full multiplayer mode.

The main properties of the game Ground Operation:

- Support for two game modes - Campaign and Arena

- To perform interesting mission

- The variety of enemies

- The opportunity to fight with dangerous boss

- Opportunity to buy different machines

- The ability of the machine to pump

- A bonus system

- Constant updates and waiting for multiplayer mode

Negative characteristics of the game Ground Operation:

- Some unfinished management, need to get used to

- Rustic schedule

Summary: A very decent game, which undoubtedly will be even better when developers are given the opportunity to use the full game multiplayer mode.


Download Ground Operation apk Free 94.31 MB version 1.0.6

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