Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light


Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light - a game for android platform from the developer GameResort, which is the third part of a series of games. The emergence of the third part - the process is completely natural, because the other parts have gained wide popularity, each with nearly 50 million downloads. It should be recognized that the third part is not particularly different from its predecessors or graphics or gameplay, but an opportunity to ricochet bullet that will allow a single shot to hit a lot of monsters.

So, the essence of the game is that you need to destroy the zombies limited number of shots, which is teeming with location where you are. Since cartridges may result, should not shoot indiscriminately and accurately aim and think through the direction of the shot, that bullet could have ricocheted and hit not one monster.

The main properties of the game Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light:

- 130 levels of gameplay

- Platformer with simplified graphics

- Four types of weapons

- The ability to play with friends

- The ability to persist in the "cloud"

Negative characteristics of the game Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light:

- Unobtrusive Donat

- advertising

- Rustic schedule

Summary: The third part is pretty popular series of games, which is not really surpassed its predecessors, but it has not become worse, so if you like it, download and enjoy.

Download Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light apk Free 47.01 MB version 1.8

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