Tank Hit - Tankers


Tank Hit - Tankers - platform game for Android from the developer Gamesofa Global Limited, which wants and probably can compete with the popular project WoT.

The advantage of the game Tankers compared with the largest and most popular of the project is that it offers a battle, not encumbered challenging gameplay, given support and other great features that may alienate some users, particularly inexperienced newcomers. So the game is a casual arcade game without any problems, and simulation.

In the game there is no plot, and no learning curve, because management simple and intuitive. You will immediately see on the battlefield and take part in a tank battle. Your task is to work together with friends and casual players to fire at the enemy, collecting points. Points are awarded for the fact that you did not die for a long time, for accurate hits, for the destruction of the enemy. The winner is the team that has scored more points. As a result of the battle bonuses for which you can improve your tank or buy a new one.

Key features of the game Tankers:

- Gameplay with active tank battles

- Virtual World

- A wide arsenal of weapons

- A large number of cards

- The opportunity to join the guild

- The ability to conduct a general chat

- Translated into 4 languages, including Russian

- Daily bonuses and promotion

Negative characteristics of the game Tankers:

- Immaterial Donat is, without which you can do

- Some difficulties in connection with servers

- Not very realistic models of tanks

Summary: A game that is not a competitor for the WoT, but at the same time, dynamic, easy and fun, so the ability to capture market share.

Download Tank Hit - Tankers apk Free 32.99 MB version 3.4.0

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