Silver Bullet

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Silver Bullet - paid, because it is very exciting game for the Android platform, which debuted Byulbram Studio developer, and fulfilled all the requirements and even more, who are nominated shooters on android. This shooter game will make you think a lot, just to take the initiative and be creative user.

Having paid for the game, you will not come across with any irritating factors, such as advertising, Donat, reminders imposition friends, action in the background and so on. You will be alone with the game that will give you maximum pleasure.

Gameplay is built on a magnificent plot, according to which some of the Nazis, who conducted the study occult, have survived and continue to stop people. The game is made in the quality of its stunning graphics, the developers did a great job over the style and over the beautiful illuminations. You are offered several options through the levels, which are in the game for more than thirty, providing many opportunities, how to perform the job, and ruin it.

Key features of the game Silver Bullet:

- The gameplay is organized by 30 long and complex levels

- Some elements are automatically generated levels

- It is based on a very exciting story

- A game in the format of "Stealth"

- A high level of complexity, which requires perseverance and time

- The possibility of free possession of weapons

- Fourteen powerful bosses

- Stunning effects

Negative characteristics of the game Silver Bullet:

- Paid game - no more than two dollars

- The absence of a trial version

- High system requirements

- Does not work when installed on an android root

Summary: The exquisite shooter amazing game that will suit all users who do not put on your android root, which is not just suitable, and with maximum pleasure.


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