Titan attacks!


Titan attacks! - And again humanoids do not give to live in peace! In this game for the android platform you have to defend the planet from attack by aliens who want to land and capture the city, and you have - the latest laser gun, the last means of defense, which is located on the mobile gun platform at the bottom of the screen. Alien saucers flying in the sky and firing on. To reflect the enemy attacks you need to move the gun from side to side and shoot the alien ships. Try to shoot the aggressive aliens have not caught up. Improve your weapons to stop an alien invasion

The main properties of the game Titan attacks !:

· Gameplay is organized on a hundred levels

· Excellent design with a beautiful multicolor graphics

· Friendly controls

· The possibility of improving weapons

· The ability to use different amplification


Download Titan attacks! apk Free 19.72 MB version 1.00

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