Dino Defender: Bunker Battles


Dino Defender: Bunker Battles - defensive game on Android. Once the game about dinosaurs were very popular in the market of computer entertainment, but there were zombies and other fictional characters and literally pushed out of these ancient creatures have captivated the gaming industry. Dinosaurs into oblivion. Developers from Immanitas Entertainment returned to this forgotten subject and implement their ideas in the game Dino Defender: Bunker Battles, which offer you try to survive in the conditions of the invasion of the dinosaurs.

Director of the film about dinosaurs and game creators believe that these actually existed many years ago being quite dangerous, so in the game you can hide from them in the bunker and defend against the attacks of the dinosaurs to the last bullet. This situation does not look realistic, because it is unlikely that dinosaurs have at least some business to the bunker. Unfortunately, the plot of the game is missing, so the question - why and how did you come to be in the bunker can only answer your imagination.

As for the design, it should be noted that the graphics in the game to become the dinosaurs do not feature a modern and very simple, we can even say modest.

The gameplay is also very simple. The game belongs to the genre of Defense, but not to the genre of Tower Defense, but to a much earlier evolutionary period, when viewed as a tower silo. Bunker one, only it must be protected and only it can be pumped.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Dino Defender: Bunker Battles

· Considerable number of levels - more than one hundred

· Uphold need six different locations

· Terrible bosses

· A wide variety of dinosaurs

· The ability to pump arms reaching to the use of super-weapons

· Results can be saved and transferred to other players

· If you are a lover tighter gameplay, there is a special mode

· The game contains a lot of achievements to which you can come

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Dino Defender: Bunker Battles

· Unfortunately, there Donat

Summary: The game is much easier games in the genre of Tower Defense, and it can be recommended to fans of simple games in classic defensive genre.


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