Storm of Darkness


Storm of Darkness - a bitter disappointment on Android! It's not stylish shooter, and the usual banal shooting range! And at first glance it looks quite different: cool graphics, spectacular effects, prescription details and the plot is based on science fiction. And as a result - just a shooting range! Other games (Space Brothers, part 2 Zombie Diary) from the creators of this game from the Mountain Lion consumers enjoy great popularity, primarily because it is an exciting action games. But cool shooter them failed.

Tir differs from its static shooter and certain monotony shooting homogeneous targets. Of course, to create a good shooter is much more difficult than shooting, developers and took the path of least resistance. We can only hope the exit Bol perfect product. Hope dies last!

Positive qualities Games Storm of Darkness:

· Well designed game

· Create interesting monsters

· Wonderful spelled weapon models

· Stunning effects

· For the game did not have to pay!

Negative qualities Games Storm of Darkness:

· A little let down animation, especially the execution of enemies

· Monotony

· There Donath

· Relatively high prices

Summary: Probably the game will be released at a certain level of popularity, because as a shooting range on pretty good, despite the shortcomings that have been identified.


Download Storm of Darkness apk Free 31.06 MB version 1.0.3

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