Shooting Showdown 2


Shooting Showdown 2 - a great shooter for Android. Very popular to relieve stress in the dash. Shoot at targets can be directly on the android. You did not kill anyone, do not shed blood, not hunting zombies and shoot just like in real dash, as in sports. Today the market of computer games released a lot of products of mixed genres. Shooting Showdown 2 - this is not an action-shooter, and the usual shooting in his classical performance.

What skills can be purchased? Develop accuracy and reaction, to understand the peculiarities of different weapons that will help achieve positive results in the game. The developers tried to make the shooting and Thiru maximum realism - even bullet holes there. As in reality, aim and shoot straight is not easy, and tried to make the target more difficult than empty cans of beer. It should be noted concise picture made at a high level of quality, the graphics may be pleasantly surprised.

Advantages games Shooting Showdown 2:

· A good shooting range, where you can relieve stress and have fun

· There is no violence, bloodshed and brutality

· Excellent prescribed details

· Feeling of a real fire

· A sufficient number of fun activities

· Goals that are destroyed

· Multiplayer

· You can buy or improve the ability to shoot accurately

Disadvantages games Shooting Showdown 2:

· Bit limited selection of weapons and locations

· No donation is not cost

Summary: The second part of the game turned out to be better than the first, that is not so often. If you just want to shoot, go ahead! go for it! If you want to cool to shoot, have to fork out.


Download Shooting Showdown 2 apk Free 48.45 MB version 1.3

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