Worms 3


Worms - great arcade on Android. Previously, the game was introduced at all, only in that you can play, including from the computer to the consoles, and now there is a mobile app. Above this product worked great team, and exactly developer Team 17 Digital Limited, which was released earlier last part - Worms 2.

Here you will find great value, great sound and of course the story. You will not see many uncomfortable changes, because in the first part of it enjoys great success. So it was decided not to change anything much.

Meet familiar rival clans worms that destroy each other in a variety of exciting levels, comparing them to the ground, literally. At your disposal an incredible arsenal of weapons, you are able to smash everything to smithereens. You'll be surprised what weapons will be at your fingertips. Show your abilities and skills, developing all the achievements, a great many of them here, and many of them with humor.
It should be noted that the ability to battle online with players and you still remained.

Worms has features:

- Wonderful and have a completely new skin levels

- Stunning graphics and smooth menu

- Independent choice of control options

- Have new weapons

- Independent choice of settings for your team identity

- There are regular championships for everyone

There are also minor drawbacks - game fee

The game will be a thrilling story and a wonderful and fun experience.




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    Прикольная игрушка