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Google Nexus tablet 7 of the second generation is better m 7-inch tablet in the mobile market . G oogle surprised mi rovoy market great tablet model Nexus 7 l Babe 2012. Observe filler such as products on the market price of such a device, very even democratic. It should be noted that a company such as Apple was shocked not only by the capacity 7-inch tablet, but also an increased interest in the market tablets. A year later, Google gave Mr. a marketing Nexus, which is so cool.

Featured Products Google really made without extra hype, but they are a bit similar, but despite this there is no negativity. Very sleek design with good quality product. Let's addre and of packaging and delivery.

It should be noted that all the same packing gadget has a value, because the order comes from - abroad and good quality of the box itself guarantees its security of supply. One of the faces provides a detailed description of the device. It is necessary to conclude that worry about the safety of the device is not necessary, because under dust jacket finds a box of very thick cardboard. Generally, as in i Pad mini cable lie in a box micro-USB, charging and papers that are on the floor stands.

Included Accessories:

Judging by the inscriptions on the cable and charger, we can see that the manufacturer of the tablet is the company ASUS, to become the logo just got back plate, but in spite of all this is a huge tangible logo NEXUS looks cool.

With pl oshnoe glass Gorilla Glass is n Front Panel device, as there is a front facing camera with a resolution of 1.2 megapixels and ambient light sensor. The rear panel offers excellent quality and 5-megapixel module.

Brand-new item with vetodiodny indicator in the lower part of the device that signals flashing on new developments. From attend volume control buttons and the power button, and next to the microphone. Sloe t memory card in the new model Nexus 7 absent.

Great body Nexus 7 will very much enjoy the latest generation of consumers in its practicality. The device itself has become much thinner and lighter.

Under the laconic design Nexus 7 is "Full HD» in seven inch ah. 7-inch p Recorded Pixels display IPS-based matrix of 1920 × 1200 dots, and a density 323 ppi. Also a huge brightness The 590 nits and contrast ratio - 1300:1. This is the best display of compact tablets. Heart Tablet - 4-core SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, submitted model APQ8064, built on the basis Krait cores 300. It should be noted about 2 GB of internal memory. It is impossible to remain silent of a module Bluetooth 4.0, dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n (2,4 and 5 GHz), NFC and induction rings for wireless charging (standard is supported Qi).

So, everything is very simple - Nexus 7 n last one n expected to be approximately eniya is the best 7-inch tablet in the market of mobile devices.

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