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Overview of smartphone based on Android Turbo X1 - have already met and the Russian brand of Android-devices Turbo, which recently decided to completely tame the market cost, but high-quality smartphone. The company started with a very successful device TurboPad 650, TurboPad 500 TurboPad 500S, the brand was able to present an entirely new line of smartphones, which is called Turbo X. So, the first rising star - Turbo X1, which we will discuss.

Smartphone Turbo X1.

As for a complete set, then there can not be reproached in modesty. The most modest and budget - affordable smartphone Turbo is not deprived of bonuses that pleasantly pleased.
Users will appreciate the remarkable appearance and, of course, the screen. This smartphone will be able to stay perfectly in your hand.

Yes, we can safely say that the Turbo X1 along with their competitors is small, but takes its ergonomics, instant addiction to such a device. Great IPS-screen responds instantly to your every touch, and most importantly, that is clearly visible in any weather. With a diagonal of 3.75 inches of its resolution (800 × 480) really high. But at the same time, the display is not defective as in inexpensive and small gadgets, namely pixelation picture on it absolutely is not visible, the text reads well. All this - the only pluses screen Turbo X1.

Where there are pros and cons there, minus one - size. But here, the Russian company introduced a line of smartphones so that everyone can pick up a device to your liking.

Order of buttons enable acceptable understanding, which is especially needed for smarftona that can easily fit in your pocket, lower the volume of the track playing is possible without taking the device out of his pocket or bag, it does not get tangled in wires.

Importantly and course design keys that are integrated into a fashionable today metal frame, framing the edge of the housing Turbo X1.

Order keys home screen, also easy to use. At the top of the phone, except the speaker and front camera of 0.3 MP You can find USB-connector and input mini jack for a headset or your favorite headphones. The volume level is acceptable. The sound quality is not quite complete headset is impressive, but for those who need only contact or radio, and this headset is perfect.

Consider the reverse side of the "coin" smartphone. Besides large inscription Turbo X, and there is a 2 megapixel camera lens and LED flash chip, and an external speaker

Smartphone Turbo X1-5.
Features: "Iron", software and performance

Filling Turbo X1 is built around a chipset MTK6572, equipped with dual-core Cortex A7, running at 1200 MHz. Graphics chip machines - Mali 400 RAM and internal memory - 512 MB and 1 GB respectively. Last, can be expanded with micro SD storage.

It is worth noting, which is matched by iron display device - Android 4.2.2 system interface quite peculiar brakes and many progruzki scrolling screens desktop or work with graphic interfaces of various programs and applications.

On Turbo X1 does not have any unique shells, but there is some graphical addition. Axis please redrawn icons basic preinstalled applications. Download the app yet she placed on a colored background in the form of a square with rounded corners. Color squares chosen so that contrast with the primary label applications.

Yes, Turbo X1 - not a gaming smartphone, users will enjoy themselves in the style of toys Subway Surf and Plants vs. Zombies, but not 8 Asphalt or Modern Combat.

It must be noted that the Turbo X1 turned out quite nice and interesting. The design of this device is quite unique both among its competitors. There are, of course, and smooth edges and clear physical home screen button, and touch the button "menu" and "back."
Options concise enough. Turbo X1, packed in heavy and light box, information on which is minimized. Here the brand and piktogrammki: Miracast, OS Android 4.2.2, the presence of the front and rear camera 0.3 megapixel and 2 megapixel, support two standard simok and capacity 4GB internal storage. Information on the container and the text version is duplicated and, in addition, the manufacturer introduced a butt Boxing information about unusual diagonal display device - 3.75 ".

Smartphone Turbo X1-2

The lower part of Boxing informs us about the technical stuffing Turbo X1, its complete set, namely a protective film for the display, USB-cable,
charger, instructions for use, the warranty form, battery, headphones, book-case, it should be noted that this is a surprise for the future owner, since it does not appear on the box. Case in a style that is similar to the ornament Burberry.

It is important to note not only the excellent work Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-module, but a great job proximity sensor and autofocus that works on both cameras. Graphical benchmark GPUbenchmark gives up to 60 fps.

Camera standard - good. Remove normal, and sometimes even good - especially when shooting conditions are nearing perfect, but do not always have time to expect such a moment.

If you look different, then such term snapshot camera should be fine. Well, as the "bows" are not separate or urgent, front camera 0.3 MP we are lenient estimate on "OK", and logistical - call srednyachkom good, which is always on time can help out for a quick photo.

Battery power devices - 1200 mAh. Great capacity for such a device, the dates work the whole day at a sufficiently active use, even the next day a little left. There are some minor recommendations for use, such as turning off Wi-Fi where it is not available, turn down the brightness, where it is in principle not necessary, etc.

Overall impression of the device as a whole the positive.
Yes, this is not gaming smartphone, but eat to look differently, Turbo X1 can be a great gift that looks pretty decent. Great work device, the budget price of $ 3990 p only please.
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