Off Road 4x4 Hill Jeep Driver


Off Road 4 × 4 Hill Jeep Driver - game for android platform from the developer TrimcoGames, declared as a simulator, but the simulator is much smaller than the races, if at all there is something.

Gameplay is simple, quite simple and intuitive. For some time you need to spend a jeep on a level, having one, two or three cup as a prize, and the money that will be useful for the purchase of new cars, and to improve existing ones. And, as usual, money is never enough. The roads on which you'll pass on the jeep, special complexity is not different, but the main your task - not to fall into the abyss.

The game has a lot of flaws, so stop on them.

Negative characteristics of the game Off Road 4 × 4 Hill Jeep Driver:

- Registration of the world done in the mid-level graphics

- Physics poor

- Not very interesting route

- A limited number of cars

- Doubtful expediency tyunninga clearance and tires

- Little bonuses for daily intake and much more - for a good passage of levels

- The presence of Donati

Summary: boring game - is a diagnosis that is not treatable, and this game in all respects is not exciting.


Download Off Road 4x4 Hill Jeep Driver apk Free 64.28 MB version 1.1

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