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Traffic nation: Street drivers - game for android platform from the new developer BadTrip, declared as a race. In the segment of racing for android, there is stiff competition, as suggested very large number of products from a variety of developers. We consider that we have in this case. And in this case we have a very real and meaningful product that resembles a runner.

Upon entering the main menu, you will get a map on which are placed the mission to perform, namely, to escape from the police, to drive a certain distance, and so on. Move you in a straight line or in one way or another. You can select the time of day for the movement - day or night. Driving a car you through the virtual wheel. Management should recognize quite realistic.

Locations are areas of the city and routes, in which very organically written road markings, traffic lights, poles on the side of the road, illuminating the road at night. You have to choose until 16 unlicensed vehicles, but the developer is working to increase their number. The game has the ability to perform tuning of the car, change the color, wheels, stick vinyl. Jobs in the beginning are pretty simple, but the gameplay it is very interesting.

The main properties of the game Traffic nation: Street drivers:

- Gameplay in three different locations

- Support for the three game modes

- The performance of individual quests and missions

- Active and diverse traffic

- Good design in accordance with the schedule

- Nice animation

- Realistic driving physics

- 16 cars to choose from, and the number increases

- The ability to tune your car

- The best results are recorded on the leaderboard table

Negative characteristics of the game Traffic nation: Street drivers:

- The presence of Donati

Summary: runners racing game undoubtedly superior, but the classic races can not call it.


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