Mopar Drag N Brag


Mopar Drag N Brag - a game for the Android platform developers from Minicades Mobile, which you will find drag racing on powerful cars. The game is declared as a simulator.

Drag racing, as a kind of races has appeared and gained popularity in the US in the 60s, when American cars of that time had powerful engines, but they were not very agile, so drag racing straight. Over time, drag racing has received official recognition, and fans got a special track, where cars with thousands of horses under the hood and huge rear wheels stand on its hind legs and brake parachute. It is in these races you will take part in the game Mopar Drag N Brag

The plot, of course, is no, it is no good. You, as a member of racing, has a certain freedom, that is, You yourself are driving - steering wheel and gas at your disposal, but the brakes do not, because they are not needed in Conca in a straight line.

Begin with the vehicle you easier. Before the start of the warm up it carefully, trying to reach 100% and startanete, but just in time, without delay and false starts, otherwise the victory you do not shine. For each successfully completed the race awaits monetary reward, but make no mistake, to buy a new car or improve existing, will have to save for a long time.

When potreniruetes enough and reach a certain level of skill, can showcased the opportunities in online, where you come up with racing fans who are willing to purchase virtual cars for real money.

Key features of the game Mopar Drag N Brag:

- Addictive gameplay

- Good quality design in the chart

- Realistic physics

- The real attributes of drag racing - heating of tires, dampers, etc.

- A choice of eight classes of vehicles

- The opportunity to compete with outstanding racers

- The ability to pump cars

- The ability to publish achievements in social networks

- Game Center statistics

- Download free

Negative characteristics of the game Mopar Drag N Brag:

- The presence of Donati and advertising

- It is difficult to accumulate the amount of money sufficient for tuning and acquisition of new vehicles

Summary: in spite of some shortcomings, most of the games that sin, the representative of the genre of racing can be assessed very positively, thanks to a very high-quality design. This is graphics and sound, and gameplay.


Download Mopar Drag N Brag apk Free 16.95 MB version 1.2.5

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