High Speed ​​Race: Racing Need


High Speed ​​Race: Racing Need - good races on Android. It's very simple - you need to be cool racer startonut on one machine and achieve victory in the race. Come up in the race for something new, it is very difficult, so the games in this genre are rarely original, but this game, like a patchwork quilt, woven of many different pieces of fabric. Everything in this game - and the name and the menu, and the effects - like something that was in the other games.

The story itself is missing. You - the driver who wants to prove to all that he is the coolest. If you succeed in the game process and achieve victories, will be able to increase its fleet and make fat your wallet.

Gameplay allows some fun time trial competition with other riders cool, and at the beginning of the process will be simple and not very exciting. During the race, you can earn coins and buy a new car or zatyuningovat your car, bringing it to perfection.

As for the design, it is a contradiction: on the one hand an attractive picture and soft animation, on the other - badly traced environment, sometimes angular.

The basic properties of the game High Speed ​​Race: Racing Need

· You can say that it is classically made race

· To choose only ten vehicles

· You can tune your car

· Large number of bonuses collected on the road

· Have the opportunity to play the game in multiple modes

· No need to pay

Disadvantages of the game High Speed ​​Race: Racing Need

· Donat allows, for example, to refuse advertising and get cash

· The game would be good to improve

Summary: the usual race, but fortunately did not cause feelings of annoyance or irritation, so there are all preconditions for download and testing.


Download High Speed ​​Race: Racing Need apk Free 46.15 MB version 1.1

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