Final Cut: Encore


Final Cut: Encore - the next quest in the Android developers Big Fish Games, sequel to Final Cut: Silver Screen, but an independent game that content is independent of the previous one, and if you have not played in the Final Cut: Silver Screen, it is you really does not hurt to start with Final Cut: Encore.

The developer of the Big Fish Games released on the market for computer entertainment a lot of games and see what they offer at this time. Big Fish Games - known developer of gaming products, but quite often launches raw food made quickly, as on an assembly line, and without a soul. However, the games from this developer are quite popular and have their fans.

Previous game was in two versions: one - so to speak demo version, for which it was not necessary to pay, and which could go only part of the story, the second - the full fee. Game Final Cut: Encore has a download option, but you can pass it completely, paying $ 3 after the first chapter. That can be attributed to the advantages of the game - it is a complete lack of ubiquitous Donata and annoying advertising.

Some users may be confused that the game supports only English. In general, the game can be described like a good adventure, without pretentiousness and innovation.

As noted above, the game Final Cut: Encore is a continuation of the plot (though independent!) Game Final Cut: Silver Screen. In the last part it was necessary to uncover and prevent a conspiracy against humanity, namely murder of people with a big screen with a projector and a special lens. Happy end consisted in the fact that the perpetrators of the conspiracy went to the hospital, and the machine was destroyed. In this version of the game, children criminals, retained lens killer, together with the main culprit, who escaped from the hospital, twisted story with renewed vigor.

Gameplay is organized as a traditional quest, where a lot of problems to find objects, puzzles, and there is, of course, a dialogue that a little bit. Game levels are divided according to the degree of difficulty. The easiest difficulty level is accompanied by a large number of tips and contains simple puzzles. Levels with a high degree of complexity of the tips are not rich, and above the puzzles have to smash your head.

Summary: A good traditional quest with a lot of interesting puzzles that causes one disappointment - no money will not go through it completely!

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb


Download Final Cut: Encore apk Free 13.56 MB version 1.0

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