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Syberia - a great quest for Android. The first appearance of this quest relates to 2002, which was marked by a large number of game-winning, because she had made a breakthrough in the computer games industry, because the developers made when creating a primary focus on the design, so as to have succeeded! Why are only the images made popular by the French artist Benoit Sokal, but with some taste and quality made actors and scenery. Much attention is paid to detail. And the music! Achieved with a stunning statement, but out of the game is seen as a great work. The graphics were designed so efficiently, that even now, after many years, does not require any improvement.

What is the essence of the current game? In search of subjects, as before, but ... a fascinating process, due to the fact that it is necessary logically bind certain events (and will not be easy!), To find solutions of puzzles, perform quite complex tasks. The game is translated into many languages, including Russian and that facilitates dialogue, which in a large number of game, and, of course, contributes to a significant increase in the number of users.

In line with the storyline girl named Kate got a job to sign a contract of sale of the old factory, the owner of which rested in peace. It turns out that there is an heir of the deceased, in search of that Kate sent in a rather dangerous journey Siberia, because that is where it breaks off the trail. Visit four locations in Siberia - it's worth it! The first part has a sequel - released two more pieces - like the series! It should be noted a very attractive and interesting plot history.

Advantages games Siberia:

· Very well! beautiful quest

· Landscapes and stunning musical score

· Fascinating story piques the interest

· Leaves a lasting impression steampunk atmosphere

· A decent workout for the brain

· The best manifestation of the quest genre in classical performance

What upsets in the game Siberia:

· You have to pay almost $ 2.5

· Temporary difficulties in the adaptation for android

Summary: great thanks to the developers of BUKA Development from grateful users android platform because they work hard, and rewrote this amazing quest for android! I wish that they did not pigeonhole adaptation to the following parts of the game for android


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