Titanium Backup


Titanium Backup - to download some games need to have a backup. Titanium Backup - a special software for Android in order to make backup copies of applications and user data.

Warning! To install the program Titanium Backup, you must have on your phone root rights .

To install the program Titanium Backup and games with backup files you must perform a sequence of actions:

1) download and install on your phone program Titanium Backup (5,44 mb)

2) Download and unzip the backups to a folder on your phone Titanium Backup. If this folder does not exist, it is necessary to create

3) open the program Titanium Backup

4) in Preferences select the path to the river. k.

5) Determine the press

6) Select the folder with your files copies (sometimes the program itself it finds and allows you to select)

7) click Use the current folder.

8) Go to section backups in general menu Titanium Backup

9) to select a game and click Restore Software + Data.

Once the data is successfully retrieved, it can close the program Titanium Backup. Now start the game and get the maximum pleasure.


Download Titanium Backup apk Free 5.44 MB version

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